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EXIT Stage Left

  • WEDNESDAY Sept 7 10:30 PM

  • SATURDAY Sept 10 7:30 PM

  • FRIDAY Sept 16 7:00 PM

  • SUNDAY Sept 18 1:00 PM

Full schedule here.


Intriguing quote of the day

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Toynbee argues that as civilizations decay, there is a “schism” within the society. In this environment of discord, people resort to archaism (idealization of the past), futurism (idealization of the future), detachment (removal of oneself from the realities of a decaying world), and transcendence (meeting the challenges of the decaying civilization with new insight, e.g., by following a new religion). From among members of an “internal proletariat” who transcend the social decay a “church” may arise. Such an association would contain new and stronger spiritual insights, around which a subsequent civilization may begin to form. Toynbee here uses of the word “church” in a general sense, e.g., to refer to a collective spiritual bond found in common worship, or the unity found in a agreed social order.

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Hello world!

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Hello You’ve reached the official site of Quatre-Vingt-Quatre, coming this September to the SF Fringe Festival. We are currently in Pre-Production but will be activating this account in the next month or two. In the meantime whet your appetite with these promo shots.


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